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Engineering and Consulting for Telecommunications

Joachim Klink

1.     Impartial Consulting

 In the field of telecommunications, system and network solutions are very often provided only by large system manufacturers. We offer our customers impartial consulting and are thus able to compare various solutions in order to find an approach that is optimal for the specific requirements of our customers.

 2.         Expertise

As telco specialists, we are able to draw on many years of practical experience in the telecommunications industry working for network operators, system manufacturers and service providers.

 3.         Customer Oriented Solutions

Instead of offering standard solutions to problems, we work in close interaction with our customers in order to find the solution that is optimal for their situation. Small assignments will be handled quickly and flexibly. Larger projects may also be handled, if necessary together with other free-lancers or with partner companies.

 4.         Comprehensive Range of Services

For examples of these, see:  Services


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